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We believe it is #TimeForChange and will improve the rideshare community in numerous ways: We aim to be transparent with our commission rates. We will not allow our platform to incorporate variable 30–40% commission algorithms found within other rideshare companies. We aim to offer benefit-like features using a combination of achievement/group goals, combined with the crypto-market volatility. We aim to leave more money in both parties wallets by limiting the amount of commission charged on rides. Given Stellar Network’s low fees, we can accomplish this. We aim to improve safety on our platform by requiring drivers to be 1+ year vetted rideshare drivers with respectable ratings. (Required time may be substituted with number of rides, depending on driver saturation in a given market). These are just a few goals we are striving to accomplish. There are many more ideas going on behind the scenes in which will offer not only a safer platform, but a more enjoyable one, in essence, a platform that allows users to thrive. The earning structure has been lowered and lowered among the leading rideshare providers. What is more crazy, is the amount the rider is being charged has remained the same if not raised. The DEB team consists of a sole developer. A developer with five year rideshare experience. The same developer with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. The same developer which has experienced the many smoke and mirrors that Uber is guilty of in actions against riders and drivers. DEB is putting drivers first. First from the first line of code.

Drivers Earning Benefits System [DEBS] 70%
Team 10%
Project Fund 20%

Alpha Launch Scheduled 2022

"Always remember hindsight is 20/20. It is way easier to change the now, than it is the past." - DEB, Founded in 2020.




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