DEB is Different

  • Live Restaurant Tracking

    Be able to see real-time how many orders are being prepared and the status of each restaurant.

  • 0% Commissions

    Drivers keep 100% of their income. We never touch your earnings.

  • Token Rewards

    Be able to 'earn benefits' with our token rewards. Fill the logo all the way and cash out your monetary rewards!

  • Chat with Other Drivers

    They are in fact your coworkers, keep tabs on them.

Restaurants and Order Disputes

DEB introduces a restaurant to customer satisfaction relationship, giving restaurants control over their customer service. In case of order mishaps, restaurants are directly in control. Whether that be returning the full amount, fixing the order, or offering a future discount.

  • Forgot the salad dressing? No need to refund the whole salad, rehire a driver and send it ASAP.
  • Have a customer repeating disputes when you KNOW you sent the right order? Your customer satisfaction is in your hands.
  • Block delivery drivers which have a repeated history of damaged order complaints.

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